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Recommendations for the most delicious Javanese Combro Gake Recipes


Making a typical West Java combines cake recipes alone isn’t a hard thing to do even by ordinary people. You don’t need to learn the course first because it was taught down by many people. In addition, there are already many menus that can be imitated across the internet.


Combro itself is a casseva treat with various fillings, where the Sundanes version has its own features. Until now, there are all good versions like from Central Java where it tends to be sweet. You can make an original version with a soap flavor, a fixed shot flavor or a sweet taste.


Orijinal West Javanese Combro Resèt gake


When talking about the typical Sundanese preparations combined, it can’t be separate from hurricane usage as a filing. This one ingredient is actually made in a fermentation process that is more or less similar to in contracting. But here the ingredients for making it vary, it can be in the form of coconut pulp, cassava, peanuts and so on.


Making ingredients filled for various recipes in this typical West Java cake combining itself requires a struggle because the fermentation process is quite difficult. Later all the quick ingredients that will be combined as on sale will be mixed with leaven. The manufacturing process is still the same since the 17th century when it was first made.


Meanwhile, to make an original jig or the name of the sun combination, you can first prepare the external ingredients like cassava and coconuts not too old. Also prepare some tablespoons of salt and cooking oil. Don’t forget to wear which is the hallmark of diverse Sundanese preparations.


Then, to fill the java cake recipe combined in the form of comro, it can consist of onions and whites, salt, soup powder, peppers and mashed potatoes. Additionally, you are advised to add potatoes and basil leaves. It aims to remove twists that are by way out of the retina.


In the process of cooking, we must first mix out and season the fine spice. You have to miss out on the correct dose, don’t leave it too salary because it will be combined with the filling. In the process of making the filling, just break the station until smooth and mix various other ingredients filled only.


Konbro Prep Uses Unique Ingredients


In addition to using the original version, it is certainly more interesting when adding to the use of various unique ingredients such as pungent coching. Here we will distinguish only from the filling so that for the external flour we can use the regular version. So prepare important ingredients like cassava, potatoes, coconut grated, chills and steak.


Then make the filling of this western java cake recipe combined , we need soucom, again, leaf leaves, brown sugar and coconut milk. For retail strategies to make it softer so that it’s easy to mix with other fills. In addition, it also recommends using additional basic sheets to capture proper smell.


The most important thing to remember here is actually in the process of again where it shouldn’t produce too strong a fish odor. Therefore, it is mandatory to use additional basil or orange leaves. Unique preparation besides using again can use cheese because they are popular use of the best mixes in various menus.


Later the use of prime subjects will be further adjusted to the flavor of cheese so we can mix cassava with potatoes as the important point. Other equipment that needs to be prepared in this unique menu is cheese, grated old coconut, pumped, chilli, roasted tea, sugar, coconut milk and new cooking oil.


In order for the flavor to always have a typical Sundanese flavor, it can be added with basil leaves so that the aroma is more delicious. The part of cheese itself can be put in or as a top alone can. This is the advantage of using cheese where its usage is flexible, it can even be used as a mixture of delicious sauces.


West Javanese Combro Resèt gake akze


In addition to the filling, it’s just economics, it turns out that you can add balado eggs as the best ingredient so that the combined flavor is more delicious. Here you need to buy cassava, grated coconuts, salt, steak and olive oil first. To keep the flavor good, don’t use olive oil because it can be mixed with other flavors.


Meanwhile, for things, it is necessary to pay attention to how to make or mix roasted on chicken eggs. Both ingredients must be mixed with orange leaves, bay leaves or basil leaves because the aroma and flavor are not annoying.


Especially when added with onions and garlic, salt and sugar. It must taste much more yummy. In addition to ordinary eggs, you can also use egg salt. Of course, the ingredients are always the same, namely cassava, grated coconuts, salt and steak.


Make a typical combined cake of west Java egg salads we also need to prepare roasted on eggs, salt and sugar. To add delicious, also add onions and garlic and chilli. You can adjust this chilli yourself to taste but better flavor.


Later the mixture of salt and revive eggs must break until it is completely together. Don’t forget to add the mixture again so that the fragrance, aroma and flavor are richer. It is recommended once when adding orange leaves or basil leaves. The combined flavor is guaranteed to be even more strange different than the original version alone.


Sweet and Savory Filled Ingredient Recipes


If you’ve tried the original and spicy, this time it’s in turn you make the filling until that is sweet to taste. You can first prepare grated cassava and remove the water, grated coconuts and salt. Here we need egg whites as a binary ceramic so that it doesn’t fall because the main is true is a custom indeed.


For these things, it is necessary to prepare grated coconut, while leaves and brown sugar in advance. In the brown sugar section, try to really feel smooth before putting it in so that it melts easier. Then, for the shoots to let themselves down, use the ones that aren’t too old so the color doesn’t interfere with the flavor is not bitter.


To make the inside should not be placed directly in because the viewing sheets are only used for the aroma. Therefore, you must boil the filling before putting it in the dough. For a thin form of pasta and apply it to seame, then the recipe for combining typical West Java cake is ready to be fried.


This fried process must be regarded as brown outside chest, but it turns out that the inside is still raw. This is more or less the same when making another recipe, namely Misro. Actually, it’s not much different from what’s in until it uses cassava, grated coconuts and salt as an additional flavor.


This sweet Java combine cake recipe certainly requires brown sugar as a filling and paint so that it melts easier when fried. Perhaps compromises and misro are the most popular menus in the Konbro Variant by the Sundanese. So if you search the streets, it must be easier to find it.


Keep in mind when you’re making misro, don’t let the sugar melt until it comes out, so it should be prevented by making a fake dough. Later we’ll fry until brown and better if it’s still hot. You can serve miswo for friends or family while drinking coffee or hot tea.


If you look at all the treated menus above, it’s not wrong if beginners in the world of bicarcite cooking it are easier. In addition, the materials do not need to be special, but they can try to create their own. If you want to try something that’s definitely working, just follow the recipe for typical combro cakes in West Java .

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