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We are asking for the creation of the newest NPWPfor personal and self-employment

Before you pay attention to taxes in the KPP , so this is a request to make the latest NPP . These conditions are applied to create a special tin. On average, there are still many people who do not know the npwp creation mechanism and its needs.

In this way, creating NPWP will be rejected by KPP staff or the tax manager’s online system because the documents brought in are incomplete. As a result, you must complete the requirements to pay taxes instead of self-employment.

Of course, it takes energy and time. So, you’ll have to wait a few more days to get NPWP from the Tax Service Office (KKP). So it’s a good idea for you to know in advance what needs to be prepared in creating NPP instead of someone or a business.

These are the necessities of creating NPWP for individuals through KPP and online

To monitor NPWP on behalf of this person, it must be taken care of by yourself. So, you shouldn’t represent someone to monitor NPWP on behalf of your person or employer. To take care of TTA, so here are the requirements that need to be completed first. Including:

  1. NPWP instead of personal
  2. Passport photocopy or KTP

The first request for anyone who requests an NPWP is a copy of an ID card (for Indonesian citizens) or a passport (for foreign citizens) in the form of a photocopy. Try getting more than 1 sheet of your ID card or passport picture.


  1. Import employment certificate

Second request, you must obtain a work certificate. You can receive this message from the company you are working on. Without a work certificate, you cannot be aware of NPPWP.


  1. Bringing a decree (SK) to civil servants

If you work in the field of servants (PNS), you can request NPWP by bringing an Order (SK) in appointment as a civil servant.


  1. New NPWP Fill Out Application Form

and this is a request to create the last NPP , which includes filling out a new npwp registry form .


  1. NPWP instead of the businessman
  2. فۆتۆکۆپی KTP یان KITAS

First request, you must attach your KTP photocopy (for Indonesian citizens) or keta (for foreign citizens). Make sure you bring more than 1 sheet photocopy.


  1. Save a message to Describe Effort (SKU)

Secondly, you also need to obtain a Business Certificate (SKU) issued by the Village Agency. So, you should pay attention to the Business Certificate (SKU) first in the local village.


  1. Create a statement message

The third condition is to comment that the businesses that are taxed are the business you start yourself, not on behalf of others. The letter was later signed on a 6,000 stamp. and this is the condition for creating NPWP for traders who should be known


NPWP action for individuals and employers

This Taxpayer ID Number (NPWP) has an important function for a person or business entity owner. Because, in some public services, they now include NPPWP cards so you can take care of the administration. There are some NPP actions that you should know.


First, having this NPWP is a different identity for someone or a business owner who says you are a person who obeys the laws of your state because everyone is really obliged to pay taxes according to their needs.


Second, if you care about the tax administration, there must first be NPWPWP. If you don’t have an NPWP, the tax service cannot continue. For that, you need to be aware of it first to get NPWP.


Third , some public services such as seeking trust from state and private banks , buying motorvehicles , managing business employment permits , and caring for this passport should include NPP . Without NPWP, you cannot request the service.


Therefore, having NPPWP is very important to you in particular or who has a business field. Because some of the necessities in caring about public administration require thirst. Therefore , this requires npwp to be created for individuals and business entities .

How to personally request and establish NPWP through kpp

It’s easy to ask for a tin on behalf of someone. You should be directly aware of the nearest tax service office branch (KPP). If you are aware of your private NPWP in KPP, the first step is to prepare all required documents and then come to the nearest KPP.


If the current residence is different from the original residence, please attach a certificate from the local village. And this is a condition for creating T-Tin for someone who lives differently.


Then, please fill out the new NPWP form provided by the tax officer. Then, the completed form file will then be returned to the officer. Also follow the tax officer’s instructions. Then , you get npwpwp issued by the tax director general


And if you’re aware of NPWP’s recruitment, you can go to the nearest KP. There are stages that must pass. First, complete requests to create npwp for self-employment as an ID card photocopy or kitas. In addition, create a Business Certificate (SKU). and these are the necessities for creating npwp that you have to prepare at home


Then, you must go to the KPP office immediately near your permanent. Don’t forget, it also contains a letter with a 6,000 stamp indicating that the business belongs to you. And then he signed them. And finally, fill out the registration form to create NPP for self-employment.


Steps to apply to npwp online personal and auto

Since the digital era, npwp creation can now be taken care of through the website. So, you can easily be aware of your NPW Without having to come to KPP. The first step is to complete all requirements to take care of nppp online.


These are the requirements for creating NPP Online. First, prepare a support file to take care of NPWP through the official Tax Manager website. Set up an e-mail account with a personal name.  For individual online NPP, then please check your KTP / KITAS, then check your work certificate (special employee) or date order (PNS). For those who care about online trading NPP, then scan the Business Certificate (SKU) or Business License (SIUP).


If all requirements are complete, please access the website page. Then, first create an account by recording a personal email. Then, approve the recording through the link sent to the email. Then, activate the E-Rig tax by filling out the nppup online account creation form.


If the account is already active, please save new NPWP. You are welcome to choose to create NPWP on behalf of someone, businessman, and others. Then, you must fill out an e-mail form to send new NPP. Don’t forget, fill in savings or salaries. This is an object to specify the amount of taxes you need to pay.


If the e-mail form is filled out, upload all requirements to create a personal or automatic NPWP. These are the requirements for creating NPWP Online for individuals and businessmen that you must first complete. If the terms are incomplete, the npp online creation app will be rejected by the system.


This NPWP (taxpayer ID number) is actually required for every citizen living in Indonesia. Because, to obtain public service, there must be NPWP. To be aware of it, you must first complete the requirements.


This is a request to create an NPWP, which includes a KTP photocopy for a work certificate/date order or business certificate (SKU) for those applying for an NPWP professional.

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