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Here’s how to  easily transfer Ovo  to  Gopay

In this article, we will discuss the ease with    which Ovo must be moved  to places where there are many things that need to be  taken care of  .  There are electronic money services  , such as Goran,  Fund, etc  .

It also attracts such as  limits or deals compared to using money  by using an electronic wallet Naturally ,  many people now use electronic wallets instead of money .

Not  only does it make it easier for users to commerce, it   also bothers filling up your wallet thickly just to pay for groceries Shopping   is easier and more convenient when it comes to bringing a smartphone or  credit  card.    Know how to increase your upward spiral.

Finding out what electronic money is

That electronic wallets are a useful service  to help capture device information related to  payments       ” Please note that   almost all shopping centers and restaurants implement this electronic payment system .

This method is relatively effective because  it makes it easier for consumers in the  payment process as well as relatively high security.  You   don’t  need to keep   a lot of money in  your  drawer, but with this e-wallet, the  bank will indirectly secure your money.

You only need to use cards and electronic money to get funding and transactions with  this digital or electronic money. Usage  itself can make it easier  for consumers to commerce without money.

As is well known in Indonesia, Indonesia itself has an OVO, Tcash, There are already many types of e-wallets that are widely used by the public, including Tcash, GOPAY, DANA  , and others  , and this article  will discuss  how to easily move Ovo to the sect  .

This e-wallet itself is highly used every day because it is under the incentive of the Indonesian Bank of Indonesia. Each hand certainly has  advantages and disadvantages depending on the user, and there are many things that can be obtained from e-wallets, such as online  sales.

How to  transfer OVO to  the gopack you need to know

There  are many things you  need to know when you want to move the   Ovo balance to Gope.  When you want to transfer  the match , you have to check  the situation regularly  to make it easier for you .  This method itself is very easy and  does not make it too difficult for you as a user  .

If it is not approved,   you  need to upgrade your account first.  The method itself is  quite easy, all you need is  an ID card  To  post a photo of the ID card with a selfie photo while  holding  it.Ovo  money funds Gopay   Here are some ways you can transfer  the Ovo  to  Goppa,  which you need to consider, including  :

  1. Open and play the OVO application on your smartphone.
  2. Then press the “Transfer” button.
  3. Then please enter the amount of funds you wish to transfer.
  4. Sort out the “Gem Bank” option.
  5. P has another process, and fill  in the destination account number to  transfer  . Where you need to use the following form: Cell phone number registered on the goal list after 898: 897085725678  .
  6. Then  press the “Transfer” button.
  7. Then press the “confirm” button.
  8. Wait a few minutes until the notification message appears on your cell phone screen when it’s over.

If    an emerging notification appears that the transfer process is successful,  the   balance  will be reduced immediately on your list . Then the recipient    only needs to check if the  balance is entered on  the  goal account.   It was not sent.  If so, users should  contact the OVO call center immediately.

How to  transfer Ovo  to GoP is  really so easy and unsettling that the  e-wallet is cashed  through the atom  Additionally, in  today’s world,  there  are many  electronic payment systems in every shopping mall.

 Some Expressions in the Deportation Process

Based on Ovo to the above-mentioned  goal  transfer procedures, the process of transferring funds also has a number of facilities that need to be considered  ;  each user must first become a Member of the Premier  in  connection with carrying out transfers  .

While in the sales process, the given time is usually relatively short and can be less than 1 minute, and the balance transfer process usually has  at least 10,000 IDRs and  applies to  all banks or all your accounts.

So you with a   balance of less than IDR 10  can’t transfer    the balance. With  regard to  mobile banking or ATMs , you can  easily  raise  your bank balance .

Please  note that the Ovo program has transferred at least 10,000 IDRs  , so die that  your balance is sufficient Not  only that, but there is also  a  transfer fee charged at 2500 IDRs per transaction.

If Ovo data cannot  be transferred  on your account  you  also need  Ta.  because Ovo  Point  can only be used  to pay for food, food, food, food, only to acquire bike rides and cars    Consequently, many people pay Ovo money to recover money at Ovo Point.

The OV score cannot  be transferred to goal delivery because it is usually a prize or currency given after payment   via  Ovo Cash; usually the amount of Ovo available depends on the amount available.

If you  want to  pay for groceries with Ovo points, but less balanced, you  can add them with the help of Ovo Cash Therefore, it may be concluded  that it is  very easy  to move  to Ovoco  Gope, but  it is not relevant to the Ovo Point transfers.

How long  does the Ovo balance transfer process  take and how much does the  fee amount Thursday?

As  is known,  OVO to begin  applying a  transfer fee to the bank of 2,500 IDRs per transaction Launched,  there  has been  a  change at  E-Fattal since January 2020. previously, they were at least off-balance      An offer is given in the form of a free transfer     to any  bank.

Although there  is currently  a transfer fee for  every transaction  , this transfer fee  is very  cheap compared to conventional banks  , which are 6,500 IDRs. In addition         to how to transfer Ovo to the relatively easy GOP. The transfer fee is also very easy.

It’s also very easy how to switch to  GoP  itself,  where the goal-sending roses are less  than 1 minute long, and don’t worry if you use  this application to process transactions  or transfer money  between different banks  .

If your Ovo account still has a lot of balance, don’t worry if you want to shop using Gopay.    When  the balance of goal payments on how to send the goal to Vo will hopefully help  you avoid further confusion if you want to shop   around  .

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