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Career goals are non-self-achievement development

No new workers consider careers to be an achievement when it is the opposite. The goal of your career is self-development so that you can one day have new abilities to contribute to social life.

Sometimes one is unaware when the effectiveness of his work decreases until he finally stagnant. Maybe you new workers didn’t feel something like this because you’re still scared with a sense of happiness to be a worker. But what about the next two or three years is still the same.

Most of the reasons for the lack of self-development of workers are overcoming their position. This then leads to the thought of a comfort zone where their lives revolve around work. Eventually they will be too acceptable to the circumstances and do not want to seek new challenges.

Such a thing is not yet widely recognised by workers, so they still think career goals are an  achievement.

Keep your mind from tired of trying new things

It is not uncommon when the goal of a career is to seek comfort in life, to get enough pay, and finally to get married will make a man feel calm.

But too much pressure on the mind is also not a good thing for life’s development. You can prove yourself when entering a comfort zone, whether taking risks to develop yourself will be selected. There may be some people who want to get out of the zone, but most don’t.

In a book titled Leisure: the basis of Joseph Pieper’s culture when someone reaches a comfort zone, then few of them will want to take a chance. With this comfort zone, man is more susceptible to attack from cold diseases and reduce his own potential.

It also depends on someone’s view of the meaning of their own risk. Not a few of them interpret the risk as meaning it has great potential to fail. Too much fear of these risks will make the mind of the goal of a career as a means of gaining comfort in life.

Indeed, human instincts are born to seek comfort by making different innovations in their lives. But what if in modern times man has the necessary comfort. Of course, the passion for movement and innovation will be less and less.

The goal of a career is self-development, which means

Generally, the way to choose a career by Indonesian youth is to see what basic abilities they have. If someone has previously studied in the field of language, surely his choice of career is not far from that world. This is related to the application of the theory that has been studied.

They try to apply what they have learned while studying in the world of work. Prove whether what they receive during learning can be applied directly or not. Because there is very little that can be applied in the field, they gain new knowledge.

From here, the goal of your career is  still to develop yourself, then if there is no new knowledge.

The comfort this person receives is certainly contagious to other workers. To fail to understand, the effect of this comfort zone will cause an unproductive working atmosphere. It can be effective yes, but getting new productivity will be very rare.

This means that in a career life, one should not feel tired to suppress his own abilities. As bodybuilders are called without increasing training load, muscles will not appear. Once one load is successfully lifted then they immediately have another goal of achieving.

Having such an emphasis, the goal of a career is like self-development, not a finish line.

This dynamic of life will not stop only when you do not change the way you live life. One day, surely by being too comfortable in life, you will be left behind. There will be no easy interruptions to defeat the strictures of life except to fight to constantly develop themselves.

Idealism in career development must be a balanced rationality of thinking

Developing yourself must be accompanied by rationality in thinking, it can be ambitious to achieve certain things, but different factors still need to be looked at. Maybe when you’re still a new worker, the motivation to run on something high is natural.

But whether the ambition is real, think again about it. Have you ever had an ambition to open your own business after two years of working as an employee. Whether this is realistic, of course, is not because not everyone has to learn marketing knowledge in such a short time.

This  type of idealism often occurs because there are many successful young entrepreneurs there.

What a background and capital they have to be successful. Of course, not a few people watch this fight. It must be acknowledged that the Indonesian people always see the final result without taking into account how the successful figure is fighting.

So when you want to follow your ambitions, you have to understand how you are capable of your abilities. If you are unable to make preparations to achieve this. Starting with finding capital to knowing, it must be done to realize ideals. Without this rationality, you will eventually fall into the spoon’s cave.

How to develop so you don’t get caught in a comfort zone

To keep it from getting stuck in the comfort zone, there are indeed different things a person can do. You can read the history of a particular person who wants to be used as a reference. Finding a character used as a reference will certainly make it easier for you to do something.

Without a character used as a role model, it will be difficult for a person to find motivation in the development itself. As a specific example, it is impossible to want to be a successful person if you have never seen anyone who has succeeded before, so.

Indeed, this is very trivial, there are even individuals who find their motivation from hatred of character. Wanting to beat the character can be a challenge for enthusiasm. It sounds a cliché, but this is the fact of the country that is happening at the moment.

The comfort zone will not apply when the motivation to develop itself will be successfully activated. Whether you like it or not, you will continue to push your abilities to an unreasonable limit. So increase literacy so you know more characters you want to follow.

Never be afraid to try to get out of a comfort zone. Risk is not an enemy to avoid to be safe from it. Instead, risk can be used as a step to achieve success. They have no opinion that career goals are the ultimate line of self-development.

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