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Why is the center of yelling, the most common

In this article, the most frequently asked questions by  Mega call centers and customers.  Today, Indonesia has a wide range of banking properties to choose from, and tailored to the needs of private non-people

Bank Mega is a limited liability company surviving in Indonesia.   Bank Mega is known to be engaged in banking and financial services in Jakarta.  Bank Mega has been one of CT Corps since 1992 also

Like all banks, Mega Bank also has savings.  Storing property for transfer, cash withdrawal, balance check, payment, market goods and other transaction services.  There is also a Mega call center, if there is a defamation lawsuit, it will be available to customers at any time

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 Selected super bank deposits

Mega Call Center frequently asks about  savings  products, and customers who want to open a savings account often ask it.  There are several things, and you can choose whatever is needed

  1. Mega Dana is a pick-up, often used by customers, and its savings are quite progressive interest rates, with an initial deposit of 100,000.
  2. Mega Maxi, similar to the Mega Fund, has a larger initial deposit of 1 million
  3. Mega Ultima, a high-end customer product, with an initial deposit of 100 million
  4. Mega Forex, savings also, medium in foreign currency markets
  5. Mega Plan things, temporary savings, can help public self-discipline for someone, such as for swimming food, other savings
  6. Mega Berbagi, as the name suggests, can save special funds, such as saving money to build schools, visiting venues and so on
  7. Mega Prime is a child savings account, independent of the passbook and self-withdrawal machine
  8. Banks are also accounts under Sharia law and can be privately owned

People who are   curious about Bank Mega call the center to get more information.  This banking company has many choices, so you can choose your account as you like

How to open an account with Mega Bank?

When you know the various types of savings, you choose to save more.  Customers often ask to open an account, but they can go directly to the branch

The request to create a self-owned account is very simple, but you can provide an ID card, such as an ID card, driver’s license, passport, and then save  NPWP, 6000  stamp duty, and initial deposit as you choose.  If it is applied to a commercial entity, it must also be accompanied by the company law

Ready-made, close to Bank Mega branches.  Later, ask customer service to fill in the account opening form.  But according to the operation, if there is, you should get a passbook debit card

Everyone wants to connect to the Mega call center, with which they want to open an account online also.  Bank Mega provides online account opening function, and in the digital world, people are willing to use Internet Banking and mobile banking to make banking more popular

For those who wish to open an account online, the law registers on the Mega ATM. Online registration to activate OTP financial transactions.  So the choice is easy

How do I file a barrier or complaint with the Shouting Center?

The next thing about its Bank Mega, customers have asked and want to have savings, military service litigation help?  It’s easy to file a complaint, but visit the official Bank Mega website page for details

  1. Visit website
  2. Ask for the “Me” option
  3. Click “Ties to me”.
  4. Later there is a customer service page, and then click on the customer complaint form
  5. Number of customer complaints, number of accounts, account type, account number, name, telephone, email, etc
  6. Fill in the details of the complaint, such as the date of the name
  7. Then click Close

In addition to this, Ashishita can be tied to  the Mega call center and the nearest branch to directly complain.  Acceptable coefficient number, making Jun lighter to sue

Bank v. number or call center

Except for complaints submitted on the nearest branch and customer complaint form, the  hotline service is still available.  Although  the homepage of the website, it can be crossed in real time with the lower right corner of the website view

Jun but click Live Chat to switch WhatsApp apps from scratch.  Chat via WhatsApp app on 0822 0822 5000 or 080 4150 0010 (inside) Bidirectional pair with  +62 21 29601600 (out).

Non-Mega call,  Jun Yu can email, discuss and appeal  Bisa is a social media account and posts messages on Bank Mega’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts  , please keep your social media account with Bank Mega official account

As we all know, if there is a complaint in the social media account of Jinduo Bank, it is careless and even harmful.  Official social media accounts, Facebook accounts: BankMegaID, Twitter: BankMegaID, Instagram: BankMegaID.

Bank Mega always considers customer satisfaction, so if you want to go through customer service to avoid inconvenience, you should choose more options.  Sincerity is  due to the hotline number Mega call center for consultation


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